Zlatibor is a mountain of extraordinary beauty, characterized by pleasant and amiable climate, wide clearings, rich pastures sprinkled with mountain springs and strewn with golden pines after which this mountain got its name. It is located on the Belgrade-Montenegrian coast highway about 230 km far from Belgrade and 25 km from Uzice. Zlatibor is dominated by the mountain heights of Cigota, Murtenica-Brijac, Tornik and Viogor and surrounded by the rivers Uvac, Kamisina and Susica. The river Crni Rzav runs across it...

The records show that Zlatibor welcomed its first tourists as early as 1750, and after the visit of King Aleksandar Obrenovic in 1893, the organized development of the tourism of this region began. Zlatibor is rich in sites of cultural and historic value such as Uvac monastery at Stublo village, hut-churches at Dobroselica, Jablanica and Kucani, the cave of Stopic at Rozanstvo, the house of Dimitrije Tucovic at Gostilje, The Church and the ethno village of Sirogojno renowned for its knitwear products and home-made souvenirs. Excursions to nearby Uzice, Kadinjaca, Mount Tara, Perucac Lake, Mount Zlatar and the lake at its foot are also organized. Tourist facilities include modern hotels, holiday centres and cottages, sports grounds and ski-lifts. If you are interested in skiing, you should visit www.skijanje.co.rs.

Zlatibor is also a climatic resort, characterized by a cool mountain climate, clean air, long periods of sunshine during the summer and a heavy snow cover in winter. Coastal and continental air fronts meet above Zlatibor, and this kind of climate helps cure many diseases such as heart and lungs diseases, thyroidal gland and anemia. Medical services are provided by the staff of the Special Institute for the Prevention and Treatment of Thyroid Gland Disorders and the Rehabilitation of Patients. Modern methods of treatment are used including: ultrasound techniques, stimulators, diathermy and iodised and galvanic baths. Notable successes have been achieved in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of different kinds and stages of thyroid gland diseases.

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