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The Laboratory for Geochemistry, Cosmochemistry & Astrochemistry performs a study on the trace (heavy) metals present in various geological materials including fossil fuels, soils and groundwaters. For this reason, we would be able to carry out the research on any project which is closely related to heavy metals present in the soils and groundwaters in the region of:

  • the copper mining town of Bor,
  • the coal mining town of Lazarevac,
  • the coal mining of Kostolac,
  • physicochemical characterization of heavy metals in the structures of industrially and ecologically important synthetic clay minerals, natural clay minerals and clays from Serbia,
  • Asbestos fibers contamination of drinking waters in the region of Niš,
  • Heavy metals and organic pollutants in the vicinity of the municipal landfill waste of the city of Niš.

Further details related to the aim, scope and other aspects of any of these four projects could be available on the request.



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