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The members of the Laboratory are:

  1. Dr. Pavle I. Premović, Professor of Chemistry: the leader of the research projects.
  2. Dr. Ružica S. Nikolić, Associate Professor.
  3. Dr. Nikola D. Nikolić, Assistant Professor.
  4. Mr. Dragan M. Đorđević, teaching/research assistant.
  5. Mr. Dejan T. Dulanović, teaching/research assistant.
  6. Mr. Bratislav Ž. Todorović, teaching/research assistant.
  7. Maja N. Stanković, research assistant.
  8. Milena M. Krsmanović, research assistant.
  9. Miloš G. Đorđević, research assistant.
  10. Nenad S. Krstić, research assistant.
  11. Nataša R. Đorđević, research assistant
  12. Budimir S. Ilić , research assistant.

The research associates from Institute of Nuclear Sciences "Vinča" (Belgrade) are:

  1. Dr. Miomir V. Veljković, Associate Professor.
  2. Dr. Mirjana S. Pavlović, Assistant Professor.

The research associate from Faculty of Tehnology, Leskovac, University of Niš is Dr. Goran S. Nikolić, Assistant Professor.

Members of the Laboratory for Geochemistry, Cosmochemistry & Astrochemistry



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