Regulations of the award for achievements in Mathematical Sciences assigned by the Programme Committee of the 13th Serbian Mathematical Congress

  1. 1. Persons applying for the award (awards) must:
    • a) be of age 40 or younger in the year the Congress is held at
    • b) have citizenship of the Republic of Serbia
    • c) have spent greater part of the last 10 years in the Republic of Serbia.
  2. 2. The award (awards) is assigned by a Jury nominated by the Programme Committee of the Congress.
  3. 3. The candidate applying for the award or the person (physical person or legal entity) who is nominating the candidate with the candidate’s permission for the award, must submit by February 15th, 2014 following documents to the Jury:
    • a) the application with proofs about the fulfilment of the requirements under clause 1
    • b) off-prints of the papers with which the candidate applies for the award
    • c) optionally copies of papers in which the paper (papers) is cited.
  4. 4. The paper (papers) with which the candidate applies for the award must be autonomous. If the paper (papers) has more authors and all authors are applying for the award, then the award will be divided into equal parts.
  5. 5. The awarded authors have a plenary lecture at the Congress.

Candidates for the award