Here is the list of my selected software projects.

Commercial and freeware programs

  • KUPID POS Standalone – Standalone Windows desktop software for store management. It includes variety of functions for committing transactions, transaction management, gift and loyalty card management, customer management, product management, etc. Software communicates with, and synchronizes local and central host database. Coded in C#. Used technologies: WPF (interface), SQLite (local database), etc. Project outsourced to: Transactor Technologies Limited.
  • MAT – Design of several online university courses in mathematics for different levels and university programs. It includes complete material (lecture notes, exercises, practical examples, illustrations etc.) as well as online lectures. One of the courses (Introduction to Finite Element Method with applications in mechanics) included complete software solution for implementation and demonstration of these numerical methods. Joint work with Aleksandar Cvetković.
  • FienupRevEng – Software for reconstruction of the images captured through the diffusive opaque layer. Reconstruction is based on the autocorrelation function estimation and Fienup reconstruction algorithm. Coded in Matlab. Joint work with Aleksandar Cvetković. We do not hold the copyright for this software any more.
  • SimpleGrader – Software for automated testing and grading students programming assignments. Coded in C#.
  • FoodRevEng – Software for reverse engineering of different recipe, given the nutrition facts. It can approximatelly compute the percentage of each ingredient in the meal, given the nutrition data (like total calories, proteins, carbohydrate, different minerals, etc. per 100 grams). Coded in C# (interface) and C++ (kernel). I do not hold the copyright for this software any more.
  • Zupcanici – Software package for design of planetary cogged carrier. It is an implementation of 39 steps algorithm for complete description of the complete planetary cogged carrier, consisting of 3 types of cogs. Also software provides an implementation of several muticritera optimization methods for optimization of cogged carrier design. Coded in Borland Delphi 7.0. Joint work with Ivan Stanimirović.
  • Minutiae – Prototype of the software for fingerprint recognition and analysis, based on minutiae extraction and matching technique. Software contains the implementation of several different algorithms for minutiae extraction and fingerprint image preprocessing.
  • Automatic Form Generator – Design and development of the interface in Microsoft Access for automatic generation of the forms for creating, modifying and deleting records, generation of reports and export data in Microsoft Excel. Coded in VBA.
  • ENalog – Complete information system, with user-friendly interface, client-server archite­cture, for managing tasks in graphics design company. Coded in VB.NET.
  • Gemini Project (discontinued) – Full scale modern MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) project; Designed and developed complex network game engine for supporting thousands of players in one virtual computer world with encryption and compression algorithms and input engine (KeyAction) for processing input from different input sources (keyboard, mouse, joystick, etc). Coded in VB.NET and VC++.NET. Joint work with Goran Bogdanović, Miloš Stojanović and Radoš Jovanović.

Non-commercial scientific software

  • BogieStab – Software for dynamic stability analysis of a complex bogie systems moving on flexibly supported infinity rail track. Can perform stability analysis for various bogie and ground models. Coded in Mathematica.
  • IterativeGInv – Software environment for implementation and testing various iterative methods for computation of a wide class of matrix generalized inverses. Coded in Mathematica.
  • SphCovVer– Software for solving the spherical coverage verification problem: For a given set of hypercaps of the unit hypersphere in d-dimensional space, determine whether they cover entire hypersphere. Coded in C++.
  • Gauss-Jordan-GI– Software for computing outer matrix inverses using different Gauss - Jordan elimination based methods. Coded in C++.
  • Quant – Library for analysis and design of scalar and polar quantizers. Coded in Mathematica.
  • MarPlex (release 1.0-1.7) – Strong software for solving linear programming (LP) problems. Software is using modifications and improvements of simplex algorithm. Coded in Visual Basic.
  • Interplat – Software solution for computing various generalized inverses (including Drazin and Moore-Penrose) using modificated Leverrier-Faddev method. Coded in Mathematica.
  • RevMarPlex – Modificated version of MarPlex using modification of revised simplex method. Coded in Mathematica.
  • Moore-Penrose-Poly – Software solution for computing Moore-Penrose and weighted Moore-Penrose inverse of polynomial matrix by an effective modification of partitioning method. Contains the implementation of different algorithms based on several papers on this topic. Coded in Mathematica.
  • Other small programs solving problems in mathematics, physics, computer science written in C++ and interpreting languages Mathematica and Matlab.