Dr Ljubica Velimirovi

Full professor


Postal Faculty address:


University of Ni�,
Faculty of Science and Mathematics
Dept. of Mathematics and Informatics

Vi�egradska 33, P. O. Box 202
18000 Ni�, Serbia


Phone and Fax:


+3818 533 015

+3818 533 014

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Forthcoming Events:

  13th Serbian Mathematical Congress
        (Vrnja�ka Banja)

  XVIII Geometrical Seminar
        (Vrnja�ka Banja)

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Conference talks


Scientific Software

Research interest:
  • Infinitesimal deformations of curves
     and surfaces in R3

  • Infinitesimal deformations
     of Generalized Riemannian spaces

  • Tensor calculus

  • Application of Differential Geometry
     at Architecture and Civil Engineering

  • Computer Graphics

Teaching courses:



Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture

  • Mathematica I,

  • Mathematica II,

  • Mathematica III

 Mathematics and Informatics

  • Differential Geometry

  • Analytical Geometry

  • Foundations of Geometry

  • Descriptive Geometry

  • Geometry

  • Geometry (for the students of Geography)

  • Tensor calculus

Doctoral Studies at Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics

  • Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces

  • Infinitesimal deformations

  • Generalized Riemannian Spaces

Doctoral Studies at Faculty for Teachers