Selection and Number of Students

The list and the candidate’s ranks will be done according to the existing way of enrollment. The selection order will be done according to the following criteria:
· General student’s evaluation list from VI to VIII grade, including the natural sciences competition results (especially in physics, mathematics and computer science),
· The total points on the entrance examination test in Serbian and Mathematics,
· The Physics test results.
The entrance examination consists of two parts. The first part is a test in Physics, which will be done in the Grammar school “9. Maj”, after previous preparation lessons. The second part is the written tests in Serbian and Mathematics, which will be taken in June in the premises of primary schools.
A candidate who will have passed the exam for the special class enrollment has 5 points per test (both Serbian and Mathematics) as well as 50% of the total point in the test in Physics
The number of students is 22. If necessary, the number can be divided into smaller groups. This number makes teacher to students relation easier and this will result in a better and interesting teaching process with much more creative students. Each student will have a teacher-mentor from the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Nis, who will be of great help, following student’s efforts.