Aims and tasks


The basic aim of the experimental project is introducing broadened syllabuses and curriculums of physics, mathematics, computing, as well as chemistry and biology. A special emphasis would be on closer correlation between different subject's curriculums, while teaching process approach should be thematic and problem solving.
These types of curriculum, made for students with special abilities in natural sciences, basically tend to contribute to raising the natural sciences knowledge, abilities and skills level, necessary for general i.e. grammar school education. This provides students more possibilities of the future vocation final choice. Besides, modern trends in economy will demand more and more multi-faceted education and team working, where the development of the understanding the wholeness of a certain problem at its all aspects, as well as a high level of training in the given scientific field are of great importance.
The project authors and a number of experts, who entirely support it, are strongly convinced that students who finish this kind of grammar school would be prepared better than most of their friends for the chosen studies.

The given aim includes the following tasks fulfilment:

1. To explore how much the proposed curriculums will contribute to acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge of natural sciences;
2. To find out the contribution of these curriculums to the students' creativity in the process of studying and teaching, their independence in work, their using various sources of information, as well as their logical thinking competence;
3. To do the continuous and complete expert check-up on the results of students' participation at competitions, as well as the results of their acquiring all other curriculum based tasks;
4. Constant comparison of the results of this class's students with both the results of the rest students of the school and the students of the schools with the similar majors.
The proposed syllabuses and curriculum offer an extremely good preparation for all sorts of colleges and faculties and a lot of possibilities of students' choice because the concepts give a high standard of general education. That is, students can apply for the many faculties.

The team of university professors has done the physics, mathematics, computing and biology syllabuses and curriculums with the cooperation of the Nis grammar schools' teachers. The curriculums are updated and they follow the expected interests of students. Some classes, including the practice and students' project work will be done at the Nis faculties and other institutions. The course of schooling includes a number of specialized excursions inside Serbia (The Physics Institute in Zemun, Belgrade, The Vinca Nuclear Institute, The Health Protection Institute, etc,). The Physics Department of Nis is planning to organize several excursions abroad, thanks to the offer of the CERN Physics Institute from Geneva and collaboration with ICTP from Trieste.